my name is

Gem Ozan

& I’m the founder of Thrilion.

A Quick Background

I'm based in



I can speak

Queen of England UK Union Jack Jubilee
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& a little

I worked at

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Government of Canada,

Atlas copco



My roles were

SENIOR Advisor,

Project Manager


Entrepreneur-in- residence

So what is


Established in 2017 by yours truly, Thrilion stands as a premier boutique consulting firm renowned for its expertise in custom software development, business process enhancements, and strategic management consulting.

I personally bring to Thrilion an illustrious career spanning seven countries across the globe, including South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Canada, and the United States. With a rich background that seamlessly blends experiences from both the Public Service sector (including assignments within the Government of Canada) and the Private Sector (with notable tenures at industry leaders such as Atlas Copco and TandemLaunch), I possess invaluable hands-on insights into diverse organizational landscapes of varying shapes and sizes.

Today, Thrilion stands tall, fortified by a dynamic team of developers and consultants. Led by my vision and expertise, Thrilion is dedicated to unraveling intricate challenges and delivering bespoke solutions for its esteemed partners globally. Committed to excellence, Thrilion takes pride in its ability to navigate complexities and innovate, consistently exceeding expectations in problem-solving and client satisfaction.

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